Column/Opinion Writing

 The quality of the submissions was excellent. Kudos to all of the entrants.


 Winner: Joel Rubinoff, Waterloo Region Record

Mr. Rubinoff’s columns are rich, vivid narratives that leave few unanswered questions. Each column is an immersive experience. His column on the mayor of Wilmot offers lessons on reporting about challenging individuals. The abundance of details in each of his pieces exemplify the “show don’t tell” dictum of storytelling.

Runner-up: Mark McNeil, Hamilton Spectator

In a brisk but informative manner, Mr. McNeil’s “Flashback” columns bring aspects of Hamilton history to life in a way that makes them relevant and interesting to readers who are not necessarily from Hamilton. In each column, Mr. McNeil tangibly shows how the past is relevant to the present, which is a helpful thing for columns based on history to do.

Runner-up: Deirdre Pike, Hamilton Spectator

Ms. Pike has a distinct and absorbing voice, deployed to tell vivid stories of compelling individuals and their circumstances. She writes with sharply observed humour, and yet she also writes well about affecting and moving tragedies such as the death of Michael Hampson and Aunt Florie. There are wonderful details and phrasing in her writing such as the death of Mr. Hampson happening “on a date known only to his beloved cats,” and “young Pike, hook, line and sinker” in her piece on masks.


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2020 ONAs: Column/Opinion Writing