This award recognizes the collaborative nature of producing video.


Winner: Max Martin, Randy Richmond and Brice Hall, London Free Press, “We Are The Cops”

Despite extremely limited visuals and circumstances, this video was an effective and engaging way to lay out a complicated story. The creative use of illustration, still images, audio, and text, along with a clear script, brought home the power of video and how strong newsroom collaboration can result in a strong product that serves the audience well.

Runner-up: Louis Pin, Sarnia Observer, “Report Card”

This was an admirable way of making a number-heavy issue digestible and relatable to the audience. The illustrations add context and give a unique point of view outside of traditional coverage formats. Also notable is the reporter’s initiative to overcome limited resources and time with creativity and proficiency.

Runner-up: Mike Hensen, London Free Press, body of work

Daily news videos can be a churn. This body of work illustrates when rich visuals, sound and compelling interviews can lift standard assignments into something more, framing real people at the heart of the videos and giving readers a richer understanding of an issue.

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