Winner: Bob Tymczyszyn, St. Catharines Standard

There’s a clean otherworldliness to Bob Tymczyszyn’s photo of the tunnel under the Niagara Falls power station. The neat brick cylinder, a cluster of unidentifiable people, and, beyond, a glimpse of a mysterious snowscape. What could have easily been a typical site opening photo shoot delivers so much more of a visual wallop with its mix of convention and mystery.

Runner-up: Todd Hambleton, Cornwall Standard Freeholder

The more time you spend with Todd Hambleton’s photo of an ice fishing competition in Alexandria, the more you’ll draw from it. First glimpse, there’s a lot of snow and a bunch of people in various positions strewn about the landscape. Look closer, and you’ll find a Where’s Waldo-esque world of playful and engaging poses ranging from exhaustion to anticipation to, delightfully, capitulation.

Runner-up: Brian Thompson, Brantford Expositor

Finding a fresh, impactful image for Remembrance Day coverage is a tall challenge for any photographer. The impact of Brian Thompson’s photo from the War Memorial in downtown Brantford comes from the simplicity of the image: a tall grey stone, a small hand, fingers perfectly splayed, a hooded figure – anonymous, and therefore representative of all of us who want to show respect.

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2022 ONAs: Feature Photography (under 25,000 circulation)