Spot News Photography (over 25,000 circulation)


Winner: Nick Brancaccio, Windsor Star

First Place: The essence of spot news. When a serious vehicle crash was reported on a police radio scanner,  Windsor Star photographer Nick Brancaccio rushed to the scene, deftly avoiding police road blocks to arrive in time to capture paramedics and firefighters rescuing a crash victim from a pickup truck that was crushed in a collision with a tractor-trailer.  The photo ran across 4 columns on page 2.

Essex-Windsor EMS paramedics and Lakeshore firefighters rescue the driver of a pickup truck following a collision with a tractor-trailer carrying an excavator on Jan. 14, 2021. Nick Brancaccio/Windsor Star


Runner-up: Mike Hensen, London Free Press

2nd Place: After the driver of a pickup truck mowed down a Muslim family of 5 on an evening walk – killing 4 and leaving a 9-year-old boy orphaned – London Free Press photographer Mike Hensen’s photo of a phalanx of officers combing the area the next morning dramatically underlined  the intensity of the investigation into what police say was a hate crime.

On June 7, 2021, London police officers search shoulder to shoulder along the southbound lanes of Hyde Park Road, looking for evidence after a quadruple fatality. Mike Hensen/London Free Press


Runner-up: Dan Janisse, Windsor Star

3rd Place: Windsor Star photographer Dan Janisse wasted no time responding to a report of a house fire, arriving as the firefighters were unloading and stretching their hoses to begin fighting the fire.

A Windsor firefighter stretches a hose as an abandoned house burns May 7, 2021. Dan Janisse/Windsor Star


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2021 ONAs: Spot News Photography (over 25,000 circulation)