Spot News Photography (over 25,000 circulation)


Winner: Dale Carruthers, London Free Press

Dale Carruthers of the London Free Press captures with absolute clarity a compassionate police officer cradling and protecting the head of a struggling suspect during a takedown and arrest. The photo is perfectly framed in the moment despite the commotion. Spot news photography at its best.

London police officers restrain a woman after arresting her on the porch of a home in connection with a property damage investigation. Dale Carruthers/London Free Press


Runner-up: David Bebee, Waterloo Region Record

Despite the masks, David Bebee of the Waterloo Region Record catches the fear and concern about COVID as a mother tightly clutches her son as she prepares to drop him off for a pandemic-delayed first day of school.

Marta Dabrowska comforts her son, Jaxson, on Sept. 8, 2020, while saying goodbye at the first day of school for students of Our Lady Grace Catholic Elementary School in Kitchener. David Bebee/Waterloo Region Record


Runner-up: Dan Janisse, Windsor Star

Windsor Star photographer Dan Janisse got an eye-catching image juxtaposing an early morning kayaker gliding past an overturned car dangling over the riverside. The car had veered off the road and cleared the approximately 75-metre-wide river. The driver survived.

A kayaker passes a heavily damaged car on the riverbank Jan. 25, 2020, of Little River in Windsor. Dan Janisse/Windsor Star


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2020 ONAs: Spot News Photography (over 25,000 circulation)