Winner: Bob Tymczyszny, St. Catharines Standard

The Red Arrows did several fly-pasts over the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls, Ont.

Tymczyszny’s dramatic photo of the Red Arrows fly-past over Niagara Falls has a huge “wow” factor.  It is beautifully framed by the sky, the mist, and the Horseshoe  Falls, with the Hornblower Cruise ship and the shadows of the jets on the river adding depth to the composition. The Red Arrows were two hours late for the fly-past and were due at the Toronto International Airshow but  Tymczyszny patiently waited,  tracking their progress through social media. It was worth the wait.


Runner-up: Ronald Zajac,  Brockville Recorder & Times

People place poppies at the cenotaph in Brockville after the Remembrance Day ceremony.

The Remembrance Day ceremony had ended and Zajac went to leave his poppy with others at the base of the cenotaph when he pulled out his phone and caught this poignant photo of one hand placing a poppy. The juxtaposition of the brilliant red  poppies, the sun-lit glistening rock salt on cold concrete and the departing people fading into the background captures the solemn mood as only a photo can.


Runner-up: Julie Jocsak, St. Catharines Standard

Jocsak stuck with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after a campaign event in Niagara Falls and was rewarded with this delightful sequence when he made an unscheduled visit to Marcel Dionne’s Blueline Diner. Mom Maella Kollaras (and Trudeau) had a moment of fright and then delight when  seven-month-old Max at first teetered before straightening up as Trudeau pulled off his party trick.

ONA 2019 Feature Photography (under 25,000 circulation): Winner and Runners-up