Winner: Peter Lee, Waterloo Region Record, “Science Fair”

Grayson Evans, a Senior Kindergarten pupil at Kitchener’s Crestview Public School, marvels at a moving installation of coloured spheres representing planets at a science fair at the school.

The image took a relatively routine assignment and elevated the topic with personality, energy and humour. It is well cropped and has excellent interplay between the subjects in the foreground and background. There is a clear narrative to the photograph and accomplishes the photographer’s mission of embodying the wonder of science from a child’s perspective.


Runner-up: Sebastian Bron, London Free Press, “Tristan Roby”

Abby Roby sits with her son, Tristan, who was critically injured in a hit-and-run crash days before his 18th birthday while cycling in east London.

By focusing on Roby’s mother, the photographer both captures the emotion of the scene and shows sensitivity to his subjects. There is tremendous intimacy to the image and it’s framed to draw into the moment.


Runner-up: Mike Hensen, London Free Press, “Construction”

London’s First Choice Interlock bring in extra lights to continue laying interlocking brick after sunset on the flex street in London, Ont., on Nov. 8, 2019.

This photo is beautifully composed and delicately balances light coming from different sources and direction. The interplay between the harsh construction lighting and the sunset is wonderful. So, too, is the tension between the beautiful sunset and the workers, too caught up in their tasks to notice.

ONA 2019 Feature Photography (over 25,000 circulation): Winner and Runners-up