The Ontario Newspapers Awards has a motto that is as true today as it was more than 50 years ago: We’re definitely not the NNAs.

For decades the ONAs have been known as one of the best parties in the business, mostly as a result of the smokey refreshment-fuelled after parties that burn and choke their way into the morning hours.

Plenty of awards are handed out to reward the province’s top journalists.

And, while there is lots of applause there are no lengthy speeches, just lots of shop talk and good cheer.

We all know what happens when the dancing winds down – the inevitable question percolating throughout the room – Got any tickets left for the bar? Where is everybody going? Where is the after party? What’s the room number?

Ah, the ONAs, a unique, folksy celebration of writers, editors and photographers who are as artful in creating a good night out as they are in their craft in print and online journalism.

OK, enough of the clicking typewriter and the ticka ticka ticka of the old Remington or Olivetti.